Twin DENSO six-axis robots load customer product into boxes for packing.

Flexible Automation Using Robots

Flexible Manufacturing On Your Shop Floor

This is an H2 Headline That I’d rather Use

Flexible manufacturing is the antidote to the kind of generic mass production that has become so much a part of our society over the last century. Demand is growing for individualized, personalized products that allow people to express themselves or to fulfill very specific needs, and 3D printing is helping to fulfill that need. Clusters of 3D printers, or 3D printer farms, are growing in popularity as a way to use 3D printing for small batch manufacturing, from one to a few thousand products, and this is the essence of flexible manufacturing. The key is flexibility – in the colors and materials used, in the parallel production of parts of different materials, and the parallel production of different batch sizes.

“The smart factory is a flexible system that can self-optimize performance across a broader network, self-adapt to and learn from new conditions in real or near-real time, and autonomously run entire production processes…The concept of adopting and implementing a smart factory solution can feel complicated, even insurmountable. However, rapid technology changes and trends have made the shift toward a more flexible, adaptive production system almost an imperative for manufacturers who wish to either remain competitive or disrupt their competition.”

Turn-Key Automation Ready For Delivery

Manufacturing Automation, All Wrapped Up and Ready To Go.

Turn-Key Automation Ready For DeliveryFlexible Automation allows multiple products to run on your production line, offers quick or even push-button changeover and can easily be re-programmed and tooled for new products and future expansion. Our three decades of machine design experience allow us to offer innovative solutions to your most demanding automation projects. Every machine is design to the highest standard to perform reliably in it’s operating environment. Every component detail, down to the material and finish, is designed specific to your specific application.